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Kim Healy: Keep planning and zoning local

Legislators in Hartford want to override our towns’ authority, and they are explicit about their plans. I do not believe they have any business or justifiable reason to dictate how our towns operate, and neither did every generation that came before ours. Connecticut’s planning and zoning decisions have always been made at a local level. We should keep it that way, and I will work to ensure it stays that way.

Creating more housing options in our community would be great in many towns. For instance, I have friends who have divorced and want to stay in town to keep their children in the school system, but they may not be able to afford an entire home by themselves. Additionally, elderly residents often want to downsize, reduce their maintenance burdens, and stay in their community. We need better options.

While visiting the seven towns in the 26th District during my campaign, one thing stands out: they are all different. Some have centralized train stations; some have no public transportation at all. Westport uniquely has areas of much higher population density with many homes on smaller lots. Ridgefield and New Canaan have bustling downtowns with many housing options already available. None of these towns are the same, and no single policy could address the needs of every town here, let alone the entire state. Similarly, no policy will address the social concerns that Hartford’s Democrat proponents contend it will. What will actually address disparate racial outcomes is bringing businesses back to Connecticut and ensuring more people are working and receiving better pay. When people are making more money, new opportunities will be available to them and their families. Creating prosperity requires a comprehensive approach to policy that gets the state out of the way so organic and enduring change can occur.

Kim Healy is a former Republican candidate for state senator for the 26th district, which includes Ridgefield, Wilton, Redding and parts of Weston, Westport, Bethel and New Canaan.