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Republicans, at Norwalk rally, ring alarm bell on proposed Democratic zoning legislation

By Nancy Guenther Chapman MAY 10 2021 NORWALK, Conn. — Norwalk is not a metropolis, it’s a collection of neighborhoods, and it’s possible that there’s too much building is underway, acting Norwalk Republican Town Committee Chairman Fred Wilms said Saturday, warning that some bills currently making their way through the legislature would put the construction…
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Dozens rally in Madison to support keeping zoning decisions local

Susan Braden May 3, 2021Updated: May 3, 2021 10:04 a.m. MADISON — The message of the rally on Saturday was shared in words and signs: Hartford, keep your hands off local zoning. Some 60 people, including local and state Republican officials, gathered in front of Memorial Town Hall to express opposition to proposed state legislation that…
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Madison the Site of a Rally for Local Control of Housing and Zoning

BY CATE HEWITT MAY 3, 2021MAY 2, 2021 MADISON — In front of Town Hall Saturday, about 45 people, including local and state legislators and members of CT169Strong, rallied against several proposed housing and zoning bills that they said will transfer local control to Hartford.  “The issues that really resonate in Madison are local control — we’re a…
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Letter To The Editor: Why Zoning Public Hearings Matter

“Let’s not allow the voice of the public to be silenced,” writes Fairfield resident Alexis Harrison. Dear editor: Public participation and transparent government are central to our democratic government. Anything that would restrict the ability of the public to have a voice on that most precious of resources — the land — should be carefully…
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CT169Strong Rallies to Raise Awareness of Zoning Bills

Grassroots organization continues to spread word about the implications of the General Assembly’s attempt to override local zoning rights Lexi Harrison, Neighbor Posted Mon, Apr 26, 2021 at 12:36 pm ET Over 60 people descended on Ridgefield’s Ballard Park on Saturday to rally for local zoning, individual rights and against the dozen bills in front…
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Opinion: Local officials, not new bills, should drive change

Maria Weingarten April 23, 2021 Updated: April 23, 2021 12 a.m. I would like to offer a rebuttal to state Sen. Will Haskell’s April 15 commentary, “I was lucky to grow up in Westport. More families should have that opportunity.” His op-ed piece comes as his party is pushing a dozen controversial zoning bills that…
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Steven Mullins Takes 5 Questions on Zoning and Housing

BY CATE HEWITT APRIL 21, 2021APRIL 21, 2021 CT Examiner asked five questions on the topic of zoning and affordable housing to Steven R. Mullins, a long-time member of the Planning and Zoning Commission of West Haven. Mullins has been a prominent opponent of S.B. 1024 and several other zoning bills that are currently being…
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Fairfield County homeowners rally against Connecticut zoning legislation they say removes local decision-making

By ELIZA FAWCETT HARTFORD COURANT |APR 10, 2021 AT 5:30 PM FAIRFIELD — Homeowners from Fairfield County took aim Saturday at proposed affordable housing legislation before the General Assembly, voicing their skepticism of state-mandated solutions andasserting their right to home rule. “Everybody’s just up in arms that Hartford wants to come in and decide what’s best for our town.…
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‘Control over our own community’: Fairfield County residents say zoning bills remove local control

Kim Healy, of Wilton, makes her voice heard at a rally at Town Hall organized by CT 169 Strong on Saturday, April 10, 2021, Fairfield, Conn.

Former P&Z Commissioner: Let us make decisions for ourselves

To the Editor: Arriving in Connecticut 64 years ago, the first thing I learned was that it was a “home rule state” where every community regulated itself for the benefit of its citizens. Soon after, I was appointed to the New Canaan Planning and Zoning Commission. I had to face lawyers during depositions. We were…
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