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CT169Strong Webinar Zoning March 11, 2023

CT169Strong Fair Share Bill March 5, 2023

Steven Mullins on Mornings With Gary Byron

Goodbye, local control? CT residents are incredulous when they learn about the proposed CT-govt controlled zoning legislation. State Senator Tony Hwang updates WICC.

Alexis Harrison on The Will Marotti Show

The Lisa Wexler Show March 23 2021

Debunking another Myth of the Day: “Transit Oriented Development is good for the environment”. Listen to a Democrat, Head of Westport’s Chamber of Commerce, and environmental activist, Matt Mandell on the Lisa Wexler Show. He has major concerns on the environmental implications of urbanizing our coastal suburbs.

Dense development is proposed to center around coastline train stations along Metro North Rail. DEEP, CT’s Environmental Protection Agency has a whole page dedicated to Sea Level Rise in CT and the increase is 1 foot 8 inches higher than the national tidal datum in Long Island Sound by 2050.

Currently, 61% of CT’s population resides in coastal areas. Many of our train stations are easily flooded during storms even now. In 30 years, denser Transit Oriented Development could be largely under water, rendering them useless and driving out diversity. DEEP provides sea level rise studies to municipalities to assist with better planning of conservation and development. This is when we should be planning for what for 2050. We should allow towns who know best where to build sustainable housing to help our neediest. We all want to increase affordability in our towns but bills currently in raised do the opposite.