Opinion: Local officials, not new bills, should drive change

Maria Weingarten April 23, 2021 Updated: April 23, 2021 12 a.m. I would like to offer a rebuttal to state Sen. Will Haskell’s April 15 commentary, “I was lucky to…
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Happy 🌍 Day!

Today, as we celebrate our collective efforts to protect the regional environment, we also reflect on one of the biggest ironies of DesegregateCT’s platform. DesegreateCT claims that Transit Oriented Development (TOD) prevents…
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Steven Mullins Takes 5 Questions on Zoning and Housing

BY CATE HEWITT APRIL 21, 2021APRIL 21, 2021 CT Examiner asked five questions on the topic of zoning and affordable housing to Steven R. Mullins, a long-time member of the…
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Fairfield County homeowners rally against Connecticut zoning legislation they say removes local decision-making

By ELIZA FAWCETT HARTFORD COURANT |APR 10, 2021 AT 5:30 PM FAIRFIELD — Homeowners from Fairfield County took aim Saturday at proposed affordable housing legislation before the General Assembly, voicing their skepticism of state-mandated…
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‘Control over our own community’: Fairfield County residents say zoning bills remove local control

Kim Healy, of Wilton, makes her voice heard at a rally at Town Hall organized by CT 169 Strong on Saturday, April 10, 2021, Fairfield, Conn.

Before telling other towns to make their real estate more just, Mayor Elicker should get his own house in order

Yale University has posted a $203 million operating surplus for its most recent fiscal year. Meanwhile, the city is staring down a $13 million projected deficit—with dozens of job cuts…
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Former P&Z Commissioner: Let us make decisions for ourselves

To the Editor: Arriving in Connecticut 64 years ago, the first thing I learned was that it was a “home rule state” where every community regulated itself for the benefit…
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Connecticut’s future depends on strong cities

CT VIEWPOINTS by ALEXIS HARRISON FEBRUARY 17, 2021 “Talent and employers are looking to locate in urban centers that have the density and the activity and the culture and the…
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Letter To The Editor: Where Are Reps. Leeper And McCarthy Vahey?

Letter writer Cathy Politi would like to hear more from state Reps. Jennifer Leeper and Cristin McCarthy Vahey on several issues. To the editor, From the start of this 2021…
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CT General Assembly Housing Committee to Take Up Bills Relating to Local Control, Planning & Zoning, and Housing at Feb 18 Hearing

By: GREENWICHFREEPRESS Several bills relating to local control, planning and zoning, and housing are up for hearing Thursday, February 18 beginning at 11:00am in the Housing Committee. The agenda is…
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