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Environmental Concerns

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Dear State Senators and State Representatives,

I am requesting your support in exempting towns with over seventy percent watershed land from the application of CT Statute 8-30g. This enables developers proposing development in watersheds to sue reservoir towns if their proposal is denied.

CALL TO ACTION: Housing Committee: Convert Senator Hwang’s “bill concept” into a bill, exempting towns with more than 70% watershed land from CT Statute 8-30g, and schedule a hearing. This bipartisan effort is vital for protecting water resources concentrated in reservoir towns. Other Committees: Express your support by contacting members of the Housing Committee, especially Chairman Marilyn Moore @ marilyn.moore@cga.ct.gov.

The risks are evident, with examples like the proposed high-density development in Ledyard threatening water contamination. This underscores the urgency of amending 8-30g to safeguard public health and the environment.

Thank you for your service to our State.

Sincerely, Connecticut Resident