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Dear Representatives,

We expect YOU to VOTE NO on zoning legislation that contains problematic components that are a gift to builders and don’t address affordability.

“As of right” 15+ units market rate multifamily in transit/main street areas with no required parking has been removed from SB1024, but DesegregateCT activists are still pushing to reinsert it. Other bad provisions in SB1024 and SB961 require doubling of capacity for alternative community sewage. Officials from RI and MA reported on their high failure rate – 50% within 5 years. This is an environmental and municipal public health crisis waiting to happen.

HB6611 “fair share” calculation for each town ignores that builders won’t set-aside Affordable Units without selling market-rate units. Paired with 10% affordable housing requirement, most towns would have to double all their existing housing, which is unrealistic and opens towns to ruinous litigation. The bill eliminates the need for legal standing and broadly defines “aggrieved parties” that can sue to include any individual or activist group, with town residents paying their legal expenses.

Inclusivity starts by engaging all stakeholders, including small towns and suburbs, and zoning and soils specialists, not just housing activists.

Connecticut Resident